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Writer's Block: Peace of mind

What kind of spiritual or meditative practice keeps you feeling zen?

More often than not, music tends to be my zen at bringing me calm and relaxed feelings, although that would depend on the type of music. My other practice is one I wouldn't entirely suggest to use for the outcomes will vary from me being happy or maybe even being a bit more upset than I was before attempting this type of practice, but I play the Sims 2 PC game to calm me down. Playing as other people or seeing what to make of a Sim's life I guess takes the edge off of my own. However, if the ideas of what I want a Sim to do or accomplish does not happen as I expected it to, well, that can have its set of dissapointments by itself and I have had quite a few of those. 
Currently I'm hooked on the series Supernatural. I'm trying to catch up with all that I've missed. I chanced upon season 5 and watched the last 4 episodes to it. Thank god the series is still going to continue, maybe at least for another season, because to me it feels like the journey is so not close to being over with for our two Winchester boys. 

Also, I recently got branded with a new tattoo. I almost forgot how much they burn when you get one since the inked needle literally IS cutting into your flesh (or more like punching holes inside your flesh). I found the design somewhere online with the title being "wildhorse" for the picture file. And yes, it is a horse tattoo but with no coloring, just only tribal black ink. Its so beautiful! I love it so much and I'm also done with getting tattoos because I'm quite satisfied with the two tattoos I now have. 

Season 3 of True Blood will be coming out in June! I'm super excited for this -ever since I finished season 2 back in December of 2009, I've been patiently waiting for this moment to come. I'll probably flip through Season 1 and Season 2 just to refresh myself of what had or has happened. Not watching True Blood for 6 months will do that to you, especially since I've been distracted with watching other TV series that have just now finished (aka, Vampire Diaries and Supernatural, Season 5). I'm hoping there will be more Sookie and Eric action going on. I love those two together rather than Sookie and Bill. I think if Bill just became a bit more badass then maybe I'd see eye-to-eye with liking Sookie and Bill as a couple. I have a feeling that another vampire with higher power over the Queen or with equal power as the Queen will show up in season 3. Another one of my hunches, you could say. 

I'm also trying to get my fanfiction undergo, hopefully I'll be able to finish up one of my stories and finally begin posting it online to two of the fanfiction websites I use. I'll also need to find a Beta that best fits what I need and also has the same similar taste of writing like my own. 

Writer's Block: Dream reader

Do you have any recurring dreams? If so, what do you think it says about your personality? How about your unconscious hopes, fears, and desires?

I used to have recurring nightmares for over 7 years. Thankfully, they've came to an end and I'm assuming it was because of my change into young adulthood that did the trick, plus I watch horror films up the yin-yang. However, I haven't had recurring dreams in quite a long time, but I've been having dreams that seem to be intuitive. I dream of events or things happening, and then within that next day or within the next few day, something like what happened in that dream comes to life. I'm not saying that I'm psychic because that's far from it, but I suppose my dreams are thoughts I have overlooked or possibilities of what could happen in the future - for my future. I guess I can only trust my intuition and hope for the best. 

Writer's Block: Scorching day

On a scorching day, do you prefer the beach or an air-conditioned movie theater?

What, do I want to become bacon with the grease, aka sun screen lotion, on my skin cooking me under the blazing sun? No thank you! I'd faint from a heat stroke and die out on the beach in minutes, and then I would become another thing beach wonderers discover within their findings. An air-conditioned movie theater sounds just great for a scorching day.

Results As You

These are lyrics I wrote a few years ago when I was kind of in a slight depressional funk and feeling some sympathy for myself and ex-boyfriend. I believe this was written after I had gotten over my sadness and gloom but still felt a little depressed that our relationship as lovers did not work out in the end because he was less committed than I am and didn't think I'd be happy in the long run, which probably could have been true. Funny thing is that this was the last I wrote about him and from then on it's like I had accepted the fact he was no longer a part of my love interest. The emotions in these words I want to say still hold love in them, but more so a sincere love as one would hold toward a close friend. Anyways, I remember that I wanted to change a few parts, but I find that if I did now it would sound like two different emotions not in sync trying to clash with one another. I decided to leave it all just the way it is. The title of this piece I had written is named "Results As You."


Star eyes astray

Hum to me the end

Of where I die

And you begin


Just a pinch of rapture

And a shake of salted lies

Results as you

I could have mixed it better

Yet this is what I truly wanted in mind


You’re my air of life

The freshest I’ve ever breathed in

I get drunk on you for hours at a time

Addiction please, numb all of me


Yeah, hold me

Undress these tensions tying me together

Oh, beckon me

Whisper words hotly of nothingness

And mend me

Put me back into the right pieces


You know, into the ‘me’ I love

The one you adore as well


A pinch of rapture

With salted lies

Results as you

Pursed lips

Chastised blue

Ecliptic hair

Earthly smile

Hold me babe

Just for a little while


I kissed you longingly

And eloped in my goodbyes

Brushed my soul softly to yours

While ignoring your pleading cries


Can you see it now babe?

It was my last wish to make you

So that when I’d pass on

You’d know how to love too


My precious royal blue




Writer's Block: Comfort Food

When times are tough or you're feeling down, what's the one food you can count on to make you feel better?


Just a scoop of Starbucks’ Java Chip ice cream will do the job. Typically when I'm thrown into a depression or my emotions get the best of me and I feel sadness or anger, one of those negative emotions, my blood sugar drops pretty low. Of course when someone's blood sugar drops in the lows, they're never the nicest or collective people you once knew. In fact they are totally different that you almost would think to yourself if they have a case of bipolar. Wrong. It's just their sugar levels are very low. When my blood sugar drops, these symptoms together are what tells me my low blood sugar has dropped:

- Confusion
- Tiredness
- Slurred speech
- Behavior change (very crabby and easily brought to tears)
- Dizziness
- Hunger
- Slow heart rate
- Shakiness
- Feeling faint

I've always had issues with low blood sugar and if I didn't have something to eat throughout the hours of the day to keep my sugars up, then this suddenly happens and I've noticed it happening at lot when I entered into adult hood. So yes, I do become much happier when I'm eating sugar, but I find that a few scoops of Starbucks’ Java Chip ice cream will do the trick instantaneously in bringing my sugars back up to their normal levels. There’s a possibility that I'll become diabetic down the years of my life because my grandpa was a diabetic and had high blood sugar issues, but I doubt I'd have high blood sugar, seeing that I’ve always had issues with only low blood sugar and low blood circulation. And people wonder why I always have to eat something sweet and crave sweet things throughout the day? Sugar IS a necessity that I need or else if I didn't take in sugars within one of my lows, then I'd be in big trouble. I don't want to know what other worse symptoms will appear if I fail to intake sugar during one of my blood sugar lows. I hear you can lose consciousness or have seizures and the thought of that happening is scary. I won’t ever let my blood sugar get that low.

Writer's Block: On the Bus

Jam a bunch of people together in a tight space like a bus or the subway and something crazy is bound to happen. What's the most memorable thing you've seen on mass transit?

   Oh, I have a good story for this question and of course it's a past experience of mine. In 2005, some of my senior fellow classmates and a few juniors and one or two sophomores along with me and some chaperones, went on this Senior Europe trip during the summer. This was the first time that I left my country and to top that off it was a place nearly half way around the world. Very frightening to handle for the first few days and home sickness hit me pretty hard, but eventually, I and along with some others, adapted to being away from home-sweet-home and we took comfort with each other's company. So, to begin the short story now that I have the scenery half way described, let’s get on with the drama and answer to this question. 
   On one of the days that my classmates and I were touring France in Paris with our tour guide, we got a chance to go up on the Eiffel Tower. Of course none of us, besides our tour guide, had gone on the Eiffel Tower before, so we were all pretty excited and got a little hyper as we took the large elevator up to the highest floor of the Eiffel Tower. There were signs all over in the elevator saying "watch your pockets" for pick-pocket people as that was the common crime within any country and I guess it’s a really common crime in most parts of Europe. Only my entire group, which that included our tour guide, the chaperons, and all the students, were on the elevator. We were pretty cramped as it was a total of 26 people in our group but we all didn't mind since we were comfortable with each other. As a joke and to kill time while we were slowly heading up the floor levels, one of the guys tried to pick-pocket a fellow classmate since his wallet and passport were tucked in one of his back pockets of his jeans, easily being exposed for grabs. In other words, he had already made himself an easy victim for pick-pocketers to take advantage of. We all began snickering and waited to see how long it would take for him to notice that someone was trying to rob him. He did notice just as his wallet and items were successfully pulled out of his jean's back pocket, yelling a quick "hey" before snatching back his things. However, he started laughing seconds later along with all of us who had been watching the scene with great amusement. Surprisingly none of us had a pick-pocket incident with strangers during the trip, just only with each other. Ahhh... good times... 

Writer's Block: Crepuscular Drama

The Twilight movie comes out today. A lot of people are really excited about seeing Bella and Edward on the big screen. Others couldn't care less. Where do you fall on the issue?

My two friends and I decided to go see the movie I believe on the day or the day after it came out in theaters. Months ago when I saw the previews for Twilight, I thought it would be worth looking into because I LOVE vampire films. I've been looking for good vampire films and honestly I've nearly watched all good ones that there a no more left. So when I heard of this film Twilight, I got curious and was happy to know it had adventure but most of all romance. After watching 30 Days of Night, I needed a new vampire film that wasn't as... gruesome and terrifying, but more on the romantic side. Before we watched the movie Twilight, I grew wary that I'd not like it all because of the physical appearance to the actor that plays Edward. He just didn't strike me as deadly attractive as many had claimed; at least when glancing at the posters of him, he didn't appeal to my romantic interest. His skull structure was just too damn boney, wide, and narrow, that it looked painful. I typically like a little baby fat plumpness within the face, but not overly fat – just right. I was happy that I knew the actress that played Bella for I remember the last I saw her in was that movie "When a stranger calls" and she's good at showing character emotions such as fear, sadness, happiness, longing, and kindness. Finally, as my friends watched the movie, I began to like it. The plot was really good and for someone who hasn't read the books before, I fell in love with the original writer's story. The rules of vampires is different than the usual, which is a plus side because sometimes we get tired of hearing the same thing and see vampires as weak creatures because of their sensitivity to sunlight, garlic, crosses, holy water, and what not. However, the vampires in Twilight don't have these weaknesses and because of that I liked the movie and the story. The romance was subtle, not as much I was yearning to see in the film because it could have used a little extra romance. So, yes, I've come to adore Twilight, though I'm not sure if I'll be a crazed fan such like those that have read the book before the film came out and buy Twilight merchandise. Still, I look forward to seeing the second film of Twilight when it comes out.

Writer's Block: Hair of the Dog

In advance of holiday excesses, let's review cures for the common hangover. Coffee, cheeseburgers, raw eggs, lemons and worcestershire sauce—what works? What doesn't?
Typically you should be flushing your body's systems at the same time that you are engrossing yourself with alcohol and chocolate liquor truffles and hot buttered rum, complimentary of the winter holidays to keep you warm, giddy, and buzzed. Take for example, on Niroki's birthday this year in early November; she handed out Smirnoff and coco cola dashed with Malibu rum. When presented with an abundance of alcohol at your own use, you have to discipline yourself by keeping an eye on what and how much you’re drinking and eating. The positive side with parties is that there is always food, which is the 1st key that will help keep you from getting too tipsy and from possibly getting a hangover the following morning. I ate a lot of chips, pizza, and candy -empty carbs if you will so it wasn't the healthy choice for foods, but they served a purpose by helping my body break down the alcohol in my system much faster than if I didn't eat anything and only restricted myself to drinking booze. After I had three bottles of Smirnoff, going through 2 large pizza slices, nearly half a bag of BBQ potato chips, and 13 small chocolate candies, I gave myself a break of half an hour in between before testing the waters and seeing if I could take on another beer. Instead, I had switched to coco cola rum for Niroki offered it to me and I couldn’t say no to rum. I gingerly sipped my cup, not drinking it down as steady and fast as I did with my previous 3 beers. Then I began feel just the small subtle signs of stomach irritation and ooziness from the rum, so I ceased drinking and decided it was time to flush my system again. This time I didn't eat large amount of solid foods, but chose to drink many cups of cold water. I was really thirsty and I could feel the water was doing my body good... so I decided to try finishing up my cup of coco cola rum before putting myself to bed because alcohol is a nice sedative and makes going to sleep come to you at a faster rate. I didn't finish the cup. I think it was starting to taste gross or either I had lost interest in finishing my cup and didn't want to know what it tasted like at the very bottom of the cup which was mostly of the rum and my lingering saliva. Gross... Because of keeping myself well feed and drinking a lot of water before going to bed, I did NOT get a hangover despite that being the first time I drank so much alcohol within one night (typically I only had one beer before). I was surprised of my tolerance to all the beers I was drinking, but like I said it’s because I was eating food in between my beers that I didn't get nauseous or increase any chances of getting hangover the following morning. Think smart. Drink with a clear head on your shoulder. Don't be stupid.

Writer's Block: The Wrath of Ohrwurm

German has a word for everything, like ohrwurm. Translated literally as "earworm" in English, it's the word for songs that get stuck in your head and won't go away. What earworm of a song do you most dread burrowing into your head?

Christmas songs. Uhg! The insanity of it all! Don't get me wrong, I get the whole concept of the songs, that they're to express the 'spirit' and joys of Christmas, but who the hell ENJOYS listening to the same damn song over and over and over and over and over and over and OVER again?! I'm tired of it! And having someone new sing a common Christmas song like "Jingle Bells" with a different vocal pitch does not make the song any what different because the lyrics are still the SAME! Why do I hold such strong hatred for these songs? Because since pre-school all the way to freshman year of high school, I had to sing those songs every year, the same damn songs again and again. I hoped every new Christmas year that our choir instructor would select songs in different languages if that meant avoiding the all-too common Christmas carol songs. I suppose the beauty of singing Christmas songs is that you don't have to worry about not knowing the lyrics and feel left out if others know it. Trust me, you have your entire life to sing "Bells" "Here comes Santa Clause" "Rudolph" and whatever repetitive Christmas song is out there. The moment I heard the radio begin to play these songs, I just about wanted to go home, book a flight for Australia, and get the hell out of the USA until spring arrives or at least until Christmas is over with, meaning the end to all those merry Christmas songs that plague my thoughts even into my deepest of dreams. My worst nightmare will be when I dream of me singing those songs. All I need is to hear them once and then... that's it! No more! I've had enough! It's a lot different than when the radios play the top 10 popular songs of the month because those will only be replayed throughout the month and then fade forever, but played randomly like a few times through the year. Unlike with Christmas songs, those songs scream at you the moment Turkey day is over with, reminding you of all those Decembers far back where you were being chased by these songs on your radio, on your television, on your computer, in your books, and around your neighborhood or local grocery store. When are people going to start coming out with new songs for Christmas? It's like we're living in the past where the only time period we like to reminisce over during December is within the years that "Jingle Bells" "Frosty the Snowman" and "Sleigh bells" were made. What are people afraid of? That we'd forget our past, our treasured songs of Christmas? I beg to differ! Lets roll out some new tunes and quit dragging the last December to be the new December. Let's change it around and modify Christmas a little bit, make it enjoyable for everyone and not a holiday that all must hate because of those damn repetitive Christmas carols.