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o_kariko's Journal

24 June
I've decided to turn over a new leaf and so thus this journal will be based off of my new stage in life as a young adult. I'll try to not cram everything about me in just one paragraph so I guess I could start out by giving little hints of my basic physical features that I adore, a few of my likes and dislikes, my favorite places to stay at, and any personal interests of mine.

A physical feature of mine that I absolutely love is my blue eyes. I'm so fascinated by the design of each unique iris which I try to not stare too intently at people else they feel uncomfortable and that puts me in an awkward position. "Uh... I like your eyes?" o.O As if many would think I'm serious!

So besides eyes, my likes and dislikes -and I'll view on the food category for this one - there are many but I'll stick with of course a few. First of all my favorite food is beef - flank steak preferably. I'm not a cruel person toward animals and cows because I have a pet cow named Butter Cup and she's 13-years-old. I just really like the taste of beef but I'll only eat it once every month or two (a couple times) to make the flavor even more delicious. I also love to eat pears and pickles, but not in the same sitting of course (that would taste really gross)!

I'm a picky eater when it comes to foods I'm not accustomed to eating though I'll try them out if they’re new to me... but there is one vegetable that I will hate forever and will never eat it -not even if it was the only food on this planet to eat -I wouldn't eat it! I hate and I mean absolutely HATE mushrooms. They are squishy, they are chewy, they smell and taste funky, and they are made from crap!

Favorite places to stay at would have to be Montana here in the U.S. during the summer when it's mildly warm and Switzerland in the fall. Those two so far the only places I feel at most peace there and can actually relax.

Other personal interests of mine are horses in general (as in taking care of them, grooming them, riding them, and watching them in harness races), studying the Japanese culture and language (I'm so proud of myself that I'm on mu 4th year of studying the Japanese language), traveling from place to place (last place I went to was back down to California for a week with my two little brothers for our mid spring vacation), anime (manga and doujinshi -preferably yaoi and SasuNaru pairing stories), and playing soccer for fun with friends.

During my own personal free time when that is ever possible, I like to write stories of my favorite anime pairings. Favorites go in this particular order:

For yaoi pairings:

- Sasuke x Naruto (from NARUTO)
- Vegeta x Gohan (from Dragonball Z)
- Iasen x Riki (from Ai no Kusabi)
- Tsuzuki x Hisoka (from Descendants of Darkness - Yami no Mattsue) NOTE: This is the first yaoi pairing that I fell in love with and that brought me into the world of yaoi!
- Usagi x Misaki (from Junjo Romantica)
And a few others I'll probably add on later.

For hentai pairings:

- Inuyasha x Kagome (from INUYASHA)
- Heero x Relena (from Gundam Wing)
- Naruto x Sakura (from NARUTO)
- Sasuke x Hinata (from NARUTO)
- Shikamaru x Temari (from NARUTO)
- Zero x Yuki (from the manga Vampire Knight)
And once again, a few more others I'll add on later.

I’ve written stories on these two sites:

FanFiction.net (username is Aishiteru Koinu) http://www.fanfiction.net/~aishiterukoinu
AdultFanFiction.net (username is SasuNaru723) http://naruto.adultfanfiction.net/authors.php?no=1296771310

History about my username:

My username "o_kariko" is actually part of my 'code' name as you could say. First of all, o_kariko refers to the full title name of Ookisei Kariko. Since it is Japanese, Ookisei is the last name and Kariko is the first name. Kariko is actually my nickname because back in my high school Japanese class, we were required to come up with a Japanese name for ourselves to use in class. I was going to use Kitsuko, but it didn't quite seem the mature enough name I wanted for myself to grow into. So I simply wrote my own English name which is Greek, but took the 'ka' off and instead replaced it with 'ko.' I wanted a little difference but still have a slight similar sounding to my own name.

So now we go on to Ookisei. When I RPd with my best friends years ago, I wanted to use my Japanese name as well as they use their own, but I wanted a last name for my character. So my character's fake last name became Ookisei (the three kanji used in the last name is 'oo' from 'big', 'ki' commonly known as 'kaeru' which is 'to return', and 'sei' known as 'sukoshi' which is 'small amount/very little (but not indicating the size of an object for you would use either ‘chiisai’ or maybe ‘chotto’ depending on the matter)). Her real last name is Seikai (kanji 'sei' from 'life' and 'kai' from 'world'). I don't want to go THAT far into more detail because... well, lets just say there's a whole history I've made for my character on my own. In fact, I drew my character, Ookisei Kariko, which is the avatar I use on LiveJournal if I'm not using something else. And that is where o_kariko comes from.